Getting started with vRealize Cloud Client

In this guide I will show you how to install and get started with the vRealize Cloud Client command line tool.


  • An installation of vRealize Automation 7 see my guide here
  • Download the latest vRealize Cloud Client from here
  • Download and install the latest Java Run Time for you Operating system from here
  • A quiet place where you will not be interrupted, see my guide here

Extract the contents of the Cloud Client zip file you downloaded to a folder on your desktop

Cloud Client supports both Windows and Linux, if you want to use windows your install is done, if you want to use Linux, you need to SCP the folder to the Linux Machine you want to use

I use WinSCP you can download it from here

Now your ready to use Cloud Client, on windows or Linux change to the directory where you copied cloud client to

Now change to the bin directory

Now launch cloud client with the following

Windows = cloudclient.bat

Linux =

Scroll through and accept the End user license agreement

Now login to vRealize Automation with the following command

NOTE: If you are using self signed certs you will also need to accept them here

vra login userpass --user cloudadmin --tenant vsphere.local --server https://vra-01a.corp.local --password VMware1!

Now let’s list the available catalog items with the following command

Notice if you click tab on your keyboard after the command you get a list of available commands

vra catalog list

Scroll through and view the catalog items

Now let’s request a catalog item with the following command

Note: You will need to change the command to reflect your installation

vra catalog request submit --id CentOS7--groupid DevGroup --reason test

Notice the new request in progress in the requests view in the portal

You now have Cloud Client successfully installed and configured

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5 Replies to “Getting started with vRealize Cloud Client”

  1. I tried to follow this guide but I always get.

    vra catalog request submit –id “CentOS 7” –groupid “BizGrp01” –reason 123
    Error: Multiple components found. Please generate the template and submit a request after updating the template.

    Any good idea what to check

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