Getting started with vRealize Automation 7.2 video guide

This guide will show you how to quickly stand up a minimal installation of vRealize Automation 7.2 running in your environment. I will also show you how to create and publish your first blueprints so you can begin to evaluate and demonstrate the solution at your organization.

vRA Minimal Deployment architecture:


  • At least a two node vSphere Cluster 5.5 or newer
  • A Windows or Linux or both VM’s created in vCenter that can be successfully cloned using Guest Customization
  • A quiet place where you will not be interrupted see my guide here.
  • The vRA pre-flight checklist filled out and tasks complete download here

Before we deploy the appliance and start the wizard based install be sure you have everything in the pre-flight checklist created and filled out

Now deploy the appliance and login to start the Wizard based install Be sure to check Minimal deployment as the rest of this guide is using that.

Once you complete the wizard based install, watch the video below for the final configuration steps:

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