VMtoCloud.com is my own personal blog about the journey from virtualization to cloud computing. Just like the transformation from physical hardware to virtual, there is a new evolutionary journey to cloud computing. My goal is to help the tech community along their path to cloud. The site is owned and maintained by me. Use this site at your own discretion. I do not provide any warranty or guarantee that anything you may read on this site will work in your environment.

Ryan Kelly, Cloud Specialist at VMware. Over 15 years of IT experience. Prior to VMware I  worked in enterprise IT as a cloud architect supporting a large multi-national  vSphere and vCloud environment at Bayer corporation.

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Disclaimer: My postings are my own and don’t necessarily represent VMware’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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  2. Hello,

    Would you possibly be interested in some vCAC work? We are rolling out vCAC 6.1 and could use some help with some of the customization’s. If you aren’t, could you possibly recommend anyone who might be?

    Many thanks!

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Do you know of a way to retrieve Custom Properties that are assigned to a VM, via the REST API?

    For example, I have a custom property called “Hostname.ProjectID” that exists in the Property Dictionary and is assigned to VMs in a given blueprint.

    I tried using these API calls :
    but none of them give me the Custom Properties, I always have to refer to the Resource’s original request, which is not acceptable for my use case.

    Thanks for your help

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  5. Hi,

    Great blog.
    Do you if there is a wrapper for vrealize-cloud-client , or any code that can simplified code action.


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