New Company, New Role, Same

As I am sure you have read VMware was recently acquired by Broadcom. We are now officially VMware by Broadcom. I also took on a new role as a VMware Cloud Foundation Architect (VCF). Oh and don’t worry, all the same talented and smart people are still here and we plan to be for some time. We are also doubling down on our commitment to drive innovation and value into our core Virtualization suite. I started my career as a desktop admin where I was first introduced to VMware Workstation at a Citrix Conference. That is where my love of VMware began. I quickly moved to data center operations and embraced what was ESX back in 2001. My journey to vSphere came with travel to multiple countries and at the time I thought that server virtualization was as good as it gets. I joined VMware in 2012 and we acquired Nicera what is now NSX. At the same time we were quickly evolving vSAN. Eventually we released VCF which includes SDDC manager and for the first time, customers on-prem could really start to compete with Public Cloud Hyperscalers. To me VCF is really an evolution of vSphere as it manages your datacenter as an SDDC rather than a bunch of parts stitched together. While I will miss my friends and colleagues in VMC, I believe they are in good hands. I am so proud of where VMC on AWS is today and happy to have contributed to it’s success. My goal in my new role is to help customers adopt VCF to get the same operational efficiencies that VMC on AWS was able to bring to the cloud but on-prem now. Interesting side note is that I was considering changing this blog to a more personal theme. I even registered While I would eventually like to have my own blog to share recipes and ideas one day, I think now more than ever this blog is necessary. With my new role I will be diving into deep technical discussions and architecture with our largest customers. I am sure there are going to be some great nuggets of knowledge, VCF How to’s and gotchas that crop up. I plan to share those here, removing any customer information of course. I am thrilled about all the changes so far and I look forward to what’s to come. I also keep my commitment to customers and partners to always spread the VMware love and knowledge. It is a new chapter for VMware but like I have always said VMware’s story is never completely written, stay tuned.

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