How to export vRA 7 Blueprints as code

vRealize Automation has a ton of great new features that make it easier than ever to build and manage your hybrid cloud. In this guide I will walk you trough using the latest Cloud Client Command Line utility to export your blueprints as code. I will also show you how you can share the cool and amazing blueprints that you have created.


  • An installation of vRealize Automation 7 – Enterprise Edition
  • A reservation with a static IP pool.
  • A CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 blueprint with vRA Agent installed and tested. See my guide here.
  • vRealize Cloud Client 4 downloaded and installed from here.
  • A quite place where you will not be interrupted

Exporting Blueprints from vRealize Automation 7

First, let’s login to cloud client.

Login to cloud client as a cloud admin. You will need the Infrastructure Architect and Software Architect Roles in vRA


vra login userpass --user cloudadmin --tenant vsphere.local --server https://vra-01a.corp.local --password VMware1!

Now type vra content list to list your blueprints. Pro-Tip: if you have a lot of blueprints use vra content list –page 2 to jump to sort through your blueprints.

CloudClientContent List

vra content list

Locate the id and content id of the blueprint you want to export and type the following and press enter, be sure to specify the path you want to save it to.


vra content export --path c:\temp --id e19b76f1-acaa-44d7-877c-46161302d43a --content-id Artifactory_Pro

Now go to the folder you saved it to and verify it exported it


Now go to login to VMwareSampleExchange and upload your new blueprint and share with the world!


Download the example blueprint from this guide here


Remember sharing is caring!

8 Replies to “How to export vRA 7 Blueprints as code”

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  2. Thanks for this post, i installed cloud client its gets installed properly also able to login.
    but vra blueprint list command not working.
    CloudClient>vra blueprint list
    Command ‘vra blueprint list’ not found (for assistance press TAB)
    i tried other command like vra request list that command is giving same output. any idea why it is not giving expected output.
    please help.

      • Thanks Bistie for reply.
        that thing resolved instead of running “vra blueprint list” command i need to run “vra iaas blueprint list”.

        one more help i need, can some one please tell me the complete syntax for adding blueprint in vRA through cloudclient.
        vra iaas blueprint add –name abc –name –cpu 3 –memory 1024
        please tell me the complete command for adding blueprint.

  3. One thing I am working with is attempting to export property-groups, but “vra content list –type property-group” only shows property-groups viewable to the logged in tenant. Most of the property groups are visible to All tenants, and are therefore not listed.

    Any tips for listing and exporting properties/property-groups visible by All tenants?

  4. For a vRA migration project, we need to export the vRA components from customer environment to share with the team that is going to work on the customizations. When we do a “vra catalog list” using CloudClient in customer environment they have total of around 500 elements. It is going to take a lot of time to export the vRA components using Cloud Client. Is there any other quickest way to export all the vRA components from the customer environment?

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