vRA 7 Software Components Computed Values Explained

In vRealize Automation 7 when you are designing software components you may have noticed that there is an option to make the Properties a Computed value. In this guide I wll give you a quick overview of how and why you would want to use this feature. This is an advanced guide. You should already be familiar with Software Components at this point, if you need help getting started see my guide here.

In this example I will be using Linux, specifically CENTOS 7

Create a new Software Component named HelloWorld

Create a new Property named MyURL and check mark the Computed box, then click Ok then click next

Click the blue text next to the install stage

Now enter the following and click ok

The first line creates a variable containing the servers IP address, the second line populates the computed value we created earlier.

Click Finish and then click to publish your Software Component Blueprint, then add it to a RHEL/CENTOS blueprint

Fire off a new request of that blueprint

Once provisioning completes successfully, go to the items view and click the HelloWorld component

Notice it populated the Property with the value we created in the script.

Enjoy and remember to share your blueprints on SampleExhange

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