How to Tag AWS instances provisioned from vRA 7


Updated for vRealize Automation 7 Event Broker A common request we get from customers is the ability to add tags to instances that are provisioned to Ec2 from vRA. Customers tag the instances for various reasons, for example reporting, billing, building app relationships etc. This guide will walk you through Continue reading

How to use wget and Github with vRealize Automation Blueprints

I recently started using GitHub as part of another blog post demonstrating how to integrate Ansible with vRealize Automation. It occurred to me that I could also use Github as a place to store scripts with version control as well as any other code I needed to deploy to a Continue reading

vRA Ansible Integration 3 ways


In this blog series I will walk you through 3 ways to integrate Ansible with vRealize Automation 7. Just to set expectations this guide is not about Ansible. This is really more focused on how you can use Ansible with vRealize Automation together to provide both provisioning with policy and Continue reading

vRA 7 Software Components Computed Values Explained

In vRealize Automation 7 when you are designing software components you may have noticed that there is an option to make the Properties a Computed value. In this guide I wll give you a quick overview of how and why you would want to use this feature. This is an Continue reading