How vCAC integrates with Service Now

I am often asked by customers how vCloud Automation Center integrates with Service Now. From an integration and workflow perspective, vCAC extends to ServiceNow just like any other ITIL or CMDB type systems. For example, a customer could have BMC Remedy, HP CMDB or even a home grow system and our method is the same. The request starts in the vCAC request portal and then vCAC uses the Meta Data it collects to update a service now request, service ticket or Configuration item.



The following shows a typical customer example of how vCAC uses call out’s to temporarily pause the machine build workflow to send or receive data from the Servicenow site.


For more detailed information on this integration our guest blogger Mark Andreopoulos was kind enough to write a detailed step by step guide.

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  2. There is a Scoped Application that is certified by ServiceNow and VMware, which establishes Bi-Directional communication from ServiceNow through the vRA APIs, reducing the need for PowerShell, vRO, SOAP, etc. A few features it includes are:
    – Native ITSM integration with ServiceNow. CMDB is automatically updated, triggers SR/CR/Incidents.
    – Provisioning or Service Request failures automatically trigger Incidents in ServiceNow and can be configured with a log parsing technology to attach to the incident the latest log errors from across a vRA Enterprise Installation.
    – Request vRA Services and Amazon AWS Services from the same user interface.
    – Manage vRA Catalog/Service Items, BluePrints, Network Profiles, Custom Properties, etc. from ServiceNow with integration into ITSM.
    – Request VM State changes from ServiceNow with integration into ITSM.
    – Export BluePrints from one vRA Instance to other vRA instances.
    – Manage multiple vRA Instances from ServiceNow central pane of glass.

    Here is a link to the ServiceNow store to request a trial if your interested. Its also published in the VMware Solutions Exchange.!/store/application/635076380fa21200466c85bce1050eac/3.0.15

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