How to install ITBM standard

ITBM standard is an additional component for cost and usage reporting in vCAC 6. For this guide you will need vCAC 6 already installed and configured. You can follow my guide here: vCAC 6 Quick Start Guide

NOTE: The minimum requirement to run ITBM standard is Part 1 of the above guide. It does not require the IaaS components to be installed.

Download the ITBM OVA from


Create a new static host name and IP for the ITBM appliance


Deploy the OVA in vCenter


Enter the network information according to the IP you assigned in DNS


Time sync is very important for ITBM to communicate with vCAC. Make sure your ESX hosts have NTP configured and time sync set the same as the vCAC appliance and Identity appliances. Also ensure the ITBM appliance has TIme sync with the host configured as shown.


Power on the appliance once provisioned and open a web browser to https://fqdn-of-itbm:5480 and login as root password: vmware


Enter the host name, default tenant, SSO admin and password, then accepts the vCAC certificate and click register


You should see the following screen


Login to vCAC as full admin and navigate to the Administration tab, then Groups and add an identity store group and add the Business Management Administrator Role to the group then click add.


NOTE: If you already have an admin group you can just add this new role to it. Just make sure it is an Identity store group and not a custom group as there is a known bug.

Click the Business Management Tab and enter a valid ITBM license key and click save


Click + to add your vCenter, enter your vcenter host name and credentials and click Save.


You may need to log out and login to vCAC to see the new Business Management Tab.


Note: It may take a few hours or days to populate the reports.

To add user to view the reports create a new Identity store group and add the Business Management ReadOnly User Role


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