How to specify Network Path and Static IP Profile in Blueprint

In a vCAC 6 reservation you may have the need to specify multiple network paths for provisioning your vCAC blueprints. When a blueprint provisions to a reservation with multiple network paths selected the default behavior is to round robin between the two during a vCAC provisioning request. In some cases you may want to specify which network path a particular blueprint gets provisioned to. You may also want to use a static IP pool in vCAC to assign an IP address to the new VM. In this guide I will show you how to accomplish this using custom properties and build profiles. The following applies to cloning or linked clone on vSphere only.

At this point you should already have a working blueprint that is using guest customization to provision to a reservation with a single network path and network profile. You should verify that everything is working as expected at this point.

Now add an additional network path to the reservation


Notice when you request a new VM multiple times the network the VM lands on will bounce back and forth. This is by design.


To fix that we need to add some custom properties to the Blueprint in order for vCAC to know which Network Path you want and which network profile to use. Instead of creating all these properties each time we want to setup a new blueprint, let’s create a Build profile that we can use over and over again. Login to vCAC and navigate to the following page and click New Build Profile


Enter a name for the build profile. Usually the Network Path-Profile works here. Also a description and the following custom properties. I put them below the image so you can copy and paste. Note that you are duplicating some settings that are already in the Network Profile. This ensures that the VM is provisioned correctly with these settings. NOTE: the Network0 is the device number to attach the settings to. If you have multiple nics you would do Network0 then additional settings for Network1


Navigate to the blueprint you want to apply the new build profile too, select the new build profile and click OK.


Fire off a new request from the vCAC Portal


Once provisioning is complete, check the VM in items view and verify the correct network path and IP address is being assigned. You may want to test a few more deployments just to be sure. Happy Clouding!! If this was helpful please tweet it and spread the word!


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3 Replies to “How to specify Network Path and Static IP Profile in Blueprint”

  1. Hi, whenever I do this it still sets the IP/profile name as round robin. My VirtualMachine.Network0.ProfileName value is the same name as my profile name of type External. You have the value set to “External” which I thought was the type not the profile name.

    What might I be missing?


    • Someone online said you can’t set this property dynamically during the Build WF STub phase. Is that true? That’s what I’m trying and needing to do. Gosh, if not that’s pretty crazy.

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