vRA Remote Console Certificate Gotcha

If you have recently update to vRA 6.2.1 or better 6.2.2 you may have noticed the VMware remote console is now back and accessible. When you go to open the link in your browser you may get an error like the following:

To fix this we will need to import the correct SSL certificate to the browser. Open your browser to the FQDN of the vRA appliance

Now click on the lock then click more information

Now click view certificate

Click details then click Export

Save the file as a .pem file.

Now in Firefox open options

Navigate to the certificates tab and click View Certificates

Double check there is not an old cert in the list. If there is remove it before adding the new cert.

Click Import

Navigate to the certificate you downloaded earlier and click open

Check the box to Trust the CA to identify websites then click ok.

Go back to vRA and click Connect to Remote Console and you should see the following now.

Enjoy! Happy Clouding!

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  1. Thank You for posting this, it was a big help!
    We had the same problem with vRA 7.0.1.
    The only thing we had to do different was we had to export the cert with the “X.509 Certificate with chain (PEM)” type to get this to work.

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