How to increase vCenter concurrent clone operations

Disclaimer! This is using an unsupported change to vCenter and the setting also controls concurrent vMotions. Use this at your own risk. Always snapshot or backup your vCneter Server and database before attempting this change.

Open vCenter Client and highlight the vCenter then click Administration/vCenter Server settings

On the next screen add a new key config.vpxd.ResourceManager.maxCostPerHost and a value of more than 8. 8 is the current max.

So for example you want to clone 10 VM’s at once. You may want to max this value 20 as this does include vMotions.

config.vpxd.ResourceManager.maxCostPerHost   8

Click OK and reboot your vCenter Server. You should now be able to clone more than 8 VM’s at one time. Keep in mind this does not take into account how your storage or compute may respond to this increased workload.

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