Five free solutions from VMware to build your next generation app

So you want to build the next Air BnB or Twitter but you don’t have the pre-IPO funds to do it? VMware can help. I know what your thinking, VMware is enterprise software, I can’t afford that. Think again, VMware makes a lot of technology freely available to you. It’s not just any technology, this is the bleeding edge software designed to build next generation 3rd Platform applications on your laptop in a Starbucks!

#1 VMware AppCatalyst

APi driven hypervisor for your MAC! Built in support for Docker Containers. Replicate a private cloud on your MAC.

#2 VMware Player

#3 VMware Photon

A super small Linux Distro to run Docker Containers. Docker is already installed.

#4 Bare Metal Hypervisor

VMware ESXi enables you to build virtual machines on bare metal. When you exceed your PC or MAC’s capacity you will want to graduate to ESXi

# 5 VMware Lightwave

Build security and Identity management into your app with this free open source tool.

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