How to setup vRA Approvals by e-mail

It’s 2015 folks and let’s face it, everyone has a mobile device with e-mail. No one wants to have to login to a web portal to approve your request. That’s why I am here to show you how to configure vRA so you can approve requests from your e-mail.

Let’s get started, first thing you are going to need have your E-mail administrator create a new e-mail account. This will be the account that vRA will watch for approval requests. Something like works.

Now login to the vRA as Administrator and go to the Administration Tab, then Notifications

Now click e-mail servers, then click add

Enter your information for your IMAP or POP3 e-mail account then test connection and click Submit

Fire off a new request that has approvals configured

Check the e-mail for the approver and click the approve link.

You should now see another e-mail open with the To: field marked with the e-mail account we setup earlier.

Enter a response and click send.

In a few moments the requester should see the status change from Pending Approval to In progress

You just made all your approvers so happy because they can continue their golf games without running back to the office or connecting to VPN! Enjoy!

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