vRA Ansible Integration 3 ways

In this blog series I will walk you through 3 ways to integrate Ansible with vRealize Automation 7. Just to set expectations this guide is not about Ansible. This is really more focused on how you can use Ansible with vRealize Automation together to provide both provisioning with policy and governance with all the configuration management you know and love with Ansible. This guide is also not to say this is the official way to integrate Ansible with vRA and there is no warranty or guarantee. This is really just building blocks to help you get going.

Yes, I know it looks good, right? I have always wanted to make Lobster 3 ways. Unfortunately it’s a lot harder than it looks on TV and expensive if you mess it up. So instead I used it as my inspiration for this blog series. (But, honestly this was challenging, maybe the lobster would have been easier?)

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3 Replies to “vRA Ansible Integration 3 ways”

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  2. Hello and first thank you for posting this as i’m finding it very helpful. I have a question about the life cycle process. i see that it is setup for the install and creation. But what about a subscription to remove the vm from the ansible server? Is it just a matter of creating a new workflow (or copy) the delete work flow like in the Chef process? im sure there are other ways to remove the VM from the ansible server outside of Vra but would like a way for Vra to make the required changes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks for this Blog.. I am test this in my 7.6 environment. I want test secniero where I going to destoy vm disposal extent event but before that it need run some ansible script before actual vm destoy start.

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