VMworld Vegas 2017 Pro Tips and Tricks

We are almost here folks, VMworld is less that a week away. If you are a VMworld vetran or this is your first time, I think there is something in this guide for everyone. This is an update of my guide from last year based on some observations and new discoveries. So let’s jump right into it.

Before you go:

  • Register for the event, sounds obvious but some folks arrive and are not registered and the per-registration is cheaper.
  • Plan your week by visiting the Content catalog and populating your Schedule Builder. The General Sessions are open seating but the break out sessions you need to register for. (There are almost always standing room for additional overflow but registering is a guarantee you get a good seat.)
  • Logon to twitter to see what sessions are trending so you know before you go.
  • Vegas is hot and dry in August, pack plenty of summer clothes, cotton t-shirts, shorts and a Swimsuit (The pools are amazing here folks!)
  • Pack extra room in your bag or bring an extra one, you will receive a VMworld Back pack and get tons of swag from VMware and partners in solutions exchange that you will want to bring home.
  • If you are flying Southwest either get Early Bird Checkin or set a reminder on your phone to check in for you flight both going and return flights.

Travel Tips:

  • Go to sleep now until the morning you travel to VMworld Vegas, no, seriously you are gonna need all the sleep you can get.
  • Stay at Mandalay Bay or Delano if you can, easy walk to the convention and one of the best pools in Vegas. Next bets in order of distance are Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York (amazing Roller Coaster), MGM Grand and Monte Carlo.
  • Thanx to one of my readers tips there is Uber and Lyft Service now in Vegas. You can also wait in line and take a cab from the airport and around town or share one if you can. Ask about using a credit card before you get in, sadly some still only take cash, about $20 min to pretty much any hotel on the strip, although the limo or black car will save you from waiting in line, it will run you about $50 minimum (but hey, you will arrive in style)

During the Convention:

  • If you are arriving early, hit one of the pool parties Sunday at Daylight Beach Club – Manadalay Bay, Wet Republic – MGM Grand, Rehab – Hard Rock Hotel, Marque Day Club – Cosmopolitan
  • Wear comfortable shoes, you walk a lot in Vegas anyway but the Mandalay convention center alone is huge here.
  • Attend the keynotes, you get all the good information first and the opening visuals are always impressive and inspiring. At least attend the Technical Keynote if there is only one you plan to attend!
  • Drink a lot of water, it is super hot and dry here and it is dangerous to get dehydrated. Grab bottles of water to take to your room at night.
  • Visit the solutions exchange during the day, when it is less busy, so you can get one on one sessions with VMware experts or one of our partners experts.
  • If your back get’s sore, get a relaxing aqua massage over at Excalibur, it’s in the walkway on your way from Luxor. –> See photo here!
  • Network with other customers and VMware folks, share your success and learn what works for them. All the best in the world will be in one place for a week and that is huge.
  • Take a break once in a while in the hand spaces, it’s gonna be a long week.

Party Time!: Full List here!

  • If you plan to gamble just know that the big fancy casinos didn’t get that way by giving away money, venturing out down the strip will increase your odds. If you do plan to gamble there, sign up for the members rewards card, you would be surprised how many perks and freebies they send you.

Food, Show and Club Recommends:

Ka Cirqe du Soleil at MGM Grand

Absynth – Great Show to see – If you have seen it all and want something new and fresh

Best Club in Vegas with a pool inside! – Advised to buy tickets in advance!

Giada -Food Networks Stars Italian Restaurant at the Cromwell across from Ceaser’s

Great All you Can eat Sushi – Requires a Cab ride

Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Do get reservations for dinner now, Vegas will be very busy so if there is somewhere you want to eat, especially for large groups, book that reservation now!
  • Do try a hands on lab, there is no better way to learn than trying it yourself. These are first come first served, no need to sign up in advance just plan some time in your schedule.
  • Do eat breakfast and lunch at the conference, save some hits on your expense report for dinners and drinks later.
  • Don’t leave your laptop or personal belongings unattended or out of your control, while the conference is secure you just can’t be to careful.
  • Don’t trust street vendors handing out free limo rides to clubs, there is always a catch!
  • Do use common sense especially late at night, Vegas is a fairly safe city but like any big city, things can happen.

Have fun and be safe everybody! Hope to see you all there!

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