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Getting More Out Of VMware – Webinar


VMware’s technical team will help you gain maximum value from your VMware solutions. These sessions, led by VMware Cloud Specialist Systems Engineers, help you learn about and more effectively utilize VMware vRealize™ solutions, speeding your ability to get a return on your investment.

Topic:    Using vRA and NSX to Deploy and Secure Multi-Tiered Applications


Date:      June 17th, 2015 12:30pm EAST/ 9:30am WEST


In this session you will explore the integration of VMware vRealize™ Automation™ with VMware NSX™ to better understand how to deploy and secure applications into virtual networks with speed and consistency.  See how to:


  • Import networks created in NSX for use in vRealize Automation Service Blueprints.
  • Create multi-tiered applications where the tiers are deployed into different networks.
  • Automatically provision firewall rules with the application for micro-segmentation capability.
  • Remove the associated firewall rules when applications are retired.
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