How to run folding@home on Kubernetes

In this guide I will show you how to run the folding at home container on a Kubernetes cluster using kubectl


  • Kubernetes Cluster 1.9 or later
  • Kubectl configured with access to a namespace

Login to a machine with kubectl configured

Type the following and press enter:

kubectl create deployment --image=vmware/folding-at-home folding-at-home --port=7396

Now set the environment by typing the following and pressing enter

kubectl set env deployment/folding-at-home DOMAIN=cluster

Now expose the environment via a NodePort

kubectl expose deployment folding-at-home --type=NodePort --port=7396 --name=folding-at-home

Now get the node port

kubectl describe services folding-at-home

Now open a web broswer to your masterserver:Nodeport and let the folding begin!


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