How to integrate vROPS 6 badges in vRA 6.2

One of the new features of vRealize Automation is the ability to pull metrics from vRealize Operations. These metrics can be used to display the health bages ov VM’s in the vRA portal as well as povide information on what VM’s you may want to send a reclamation request for. I found the configuration pretty easy.

First, you will need to install and configure both vRA 6.2 and vROPS 6 per the installation instructions

vROPS 6 Install Guide here

vRA 6.2 install guide here

Now Login to the vRA portal as full administrator and browse to the administration Tab, then click the Tenant Machines Tab then Metrics Provider Configuration


Now select vRealize Operations Manager endpoint and enter your url and user and password like shown below and click test. If it checks out click save.


Go back to one of your VM’s in Items view and see if the Badge is showing


Your all set.

Also if you go to Administration Tab, Tenant machines, Reclamation you should also now see metrics coming from vROPS for reclamation decisions.



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