How to install APPD 6 Part 2 – Adding vCAC 6 Cloud Provider

This section requires APPD templates already created in vCenter and the blueprints ready in your vCAC business groups:

Don’t worry, I created step by step guides for that too!

How to create an APPD 6 Linux TemplateHow to create and APPD Windows Template

How to create Linked Clone Blueprints

Step 1: First you will need to add the necessary roles to your cloudadmin user in vCAC, login to vCAC as your admin account


Step 2: Navigate to administration, then groups and select your admin group or create a new one.


Step 3: Now select all the Application roles and click update. “I have the POWER!!!”


Step 4: Open the URL of your appd server in Firefox and login with your SSO credentials, remember the URL is https://FQDN:8443/darwin/login/login.jsp


Step 5: Click applications then cloud providers


Step 6: Click Create Cloud Provider


Step 7: Click the “Cloud Provider Type” drop down.


Step 8: Enter your credentials as shown and click validate and if all is ok click save


Step 9: Now Add templates that will be accessible to APPD for deployment


Step 10: Now let’s add a vCAC deployment environment. Click the drop down to change to deployment Environments then click Create Deployment Environment.


Step 11: Choose the cloud provider then give it a name and select the reservation policy you want to provision to.


Step 12: Now map your logical templates to the templates in vCAC


Step 13: Now click the version 1 template


Step 14: Click edit and edit the Cloud Template mapping as follows and click save


Repeat this for all the templates you want to map in vCAC. You are now ready to create an app and publish a deployment profile to the vCAC catalog for consumption.

Part 3 – Create an App and Publish to vCAC Catalog

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  2. I receive “could not connect to the Cloud Provider https://: Unable to login to cloud provider.” when validating connection. The IaaS server address automatically populates. Is that the server you are connecting to? Could this be certificate related?

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