How to configure The Kubernetes Blueprint to Scale out with vRA 7.1

In this guide I will show you how to enable the new Scale out/in feature introduced in vRealize Automation 7.1 to allow your end users to scale their Kubernetes deployment in the portal. Let’s get started!


  • An installation of vRealize Automation 7.1 or higher – Enterprise Edition
  • A reservation with a static IP pool.
  • The Kuberenetes Blueprint installed and entitled see my guide here.
  • A quiet place where you will not be interrupted see my guide here.

Let’s add the new scale entitlements

  1. Click administration Tab
  2. Catalog Management
  3. Then click entitlments
  4. Select the entilment you want to add to
  5. Click edit

Click the + next to Entitled Items

Add the scale actions

  1. Select the Scale in action
  2. Select the Scale out action
  3. Click OK

Now click finish

Now fire off a new Kubernetes Blueprint

Note this may take several minutes.

Once deployed, get the IP address of the Master Node

Notice in vRA 7.1 you can see the IP addresses now! Cool hugh?

Open an SSH session to the master and type the following to list the current nodes.

Notice there are only two nodes, we will scale up the deployment to add another node

kubectl get nodes

Scale out the Kubernetes deployment

  1. Highlight the Kubernetes Deployement in the items view tab
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click Scale Out

Now add additional nodes to scale out

  1. Click to select the minion node
  2. Click up to how many nodes you want to add
  3. Click Submit

Confirm the scale out and click OK

Once complete you should see a new node in your deployment

Now go back to your SSH session on the Master and list nodes with the following command again

Enjoy your Kubernetes as a Service Blueprint now with Scale out built in!

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