My top 5 VMworld Europe Session Recommendations

One of the many things I love about VMworld Europe is that it is a smaller show and venue. As a customer at a global company we preferred this conference over the US VMworld as the Europe conferences felt more intimate and  we had a chance to interact with more folks at VMware as well as partners to really get educated and ask questions. Hence my list is only a tip 5 and not a top 10 this time.

Evolving the vSphere API for the Modern Era [INF8255] In this session, you will get an overview of the current vSphere API as well as some tips and tricks on how to use it. We will explore some of the different methods and tools that are available to a variety of audiences (vSphere Administrators, Developers, etc) when automating against the vSphere API

vRealize Automation and NSX Design Best Practices [NET7956] – As organizations require more agility and operational efficiency, end-to-end service automation, including network and security, is now a common requirement for data centers. VMware NSX provides advanced switching, routing, firewalling, and load balancing capabilities in software that is available via representational state transfer (or RESTful) APIs. VMware vRealize Automation is capable of natively consuming these NSX features to allow efficient provisioning of end-to-end services, including compute, network, security, and application components, out of the box. This technical session will provide details on vRealize Automation and NSX integration, including use cases, design considerations, best practices, and extensibility.

The How and Why vSphere Integrated Containers is the Best Way to Run Containers [CNA8986] – Docker has taken the IT world by storm and is now one of the most popular tools with which to deploy applications. Over the last three years it has gained a lot of momentum with developers. They use Docker to build and deploy applications. But what works fine in a developer environment needs to be taken into production at some point. That is when IT operations take over and need to figure out how to run Docker containers within the infrastructure. The question then becomes: How do you run Docker containers on your existing VMware vSphere infrastructure

From Zero to VMware Photon Platform [CNA7741] – Considerations and workflow for building an entirely new environment to run cloud-native apps at scale, from physical hardware configuration to platform deployment and running container schedulers.

What’s New in vRealize Code Stream [MGT8807] – “Transforming application releases to continuous delivery is easy.” This is not something that you normally hear someone say. Because every application release process has its own set of tools and nuances, how do you tie them all into a single, coherent release process?

Also if you have time, check out my session:

vRA, API, CI, Oh My! [DEVOP7674] – Take a deep dive into DevOps best practices with VMware vRealize Automation and Code Stream. Learn how vRealize Automation and Code Stream enable development teams from precommit to production.


Safe travels everyone and hope to see you there!


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