How to configure “Approval at” in vCAC 6

Remember way back in vCAC 5.2 days ; – ) how you could configure an approval at threshold for CPU’s, Memory, Storage and Lease days?


Now let’s look at vCAC 6


In vCAC 6 the Approvals have been completely redesigned and revamped. This is because vCAC is not just about Infrastructure as a Service, but so much more, so we need to be able to have an approval engine that is universal.

To configure an “approval at” threshold you need to use the new approval engine, click Administration then Approval Policies


Now click add Approval Policy and select the Service Catalog – Catalog Item Request (Virtual Machine) and press ok


Name your policy mark it active and click the plus to add a pre-approval level


Fill in the form as shown


Now when a requester selects more then 2 CPU’s it will be routed for approval.


Notice that the request is waiting on approval


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6 Replies to “How to configure “Approval at” in vCAC 6”

  1. Any idea how to use a custom property added to a blueprint directly or through a build profile as a criteria to trigger the approval.

  2. Hi Rayn,
    I be glad if you can help me,
    Where can I set the mail address of the approver so he will notify about the request waiting for him in the VCAC?


    • Hi Erez,

      The email address needs to be in Active Directory in the e-mail field. The approver will also need to login to the vRA portal and enable e-mail in preferences. GO to home tab and click on preferences in the upper right.

  3. Hello,

    I would like to configure an approval policy in vRA 6.2.1 for lease requests greater then 120 days. We created an approval policy for “Lease greater then 120 days” but we believe it’s triggering only if the current VM currently has a lease greater then 120 days, NOT if they request a lease greater then 120 days. Any ideas?

    • Are you looking to have the approval policy on the initial request of a “New” VM or as part of a reconfigure request on an existing VM in the users Items view. These are two different approval policy’s:

      Service Catalog – Catalog Item Request – Virtual Machine


      Service Catalog – Resource Action Request – Change Lease – Machine

      Let me know which one you are using. This may be a bug or by design I will look into it further.

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