vCAC 6 Install Quick Start Guide Part 4

In this section we will entitle a blueprint for consumption in the catalog

This guide is broken up into the following parts:

Part 1 : Configuring the SSO and vCAC Appliances

Part 2 : Installing the Windows IaaS Components

Part 3: Configuring the system for vSphere Provisioning

Part 4: Entitling a Blueprint for catalog consumption

Now click Administration, then catalog management


Now click on Services then the plus icon


Name the service infrastructure and fill in the rest of the information and add a cool icon, I found one on google.


Now click Catalog Items and click the new RHEL Service


Add a cool icon and Mark status as active and Service infrastructure then click update


Now click entitlements and then the plus sign next to add a new entitlement


Enter the following and add a User whom will access this catalog item then click next


Click the plus sign next to Entitled services, then select infrastructure and click OK


Now click the plus next to Entitled Catalog Items, select the RHEL server and click OK


Click the plus sign next to Entitled Actions Select the machine actions you want and click OK


Now click Add


Logout and login as your test user


Click the catalog Tab and see your new Red Hat Server Ready to order

Contact me @vmtocloud with any questions or problems

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  1. So nice for you to share your experience about installation and configuration process of vCAC, and there would be some questions :
    1. Where and how to create tenent administrator and Iaas administrator accounts?
    2. How to control these accounts’ priviledge?
    Thanks a lot!

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