Where have I been and where am I going?

As you may have noticed it has been a while since I posted here. That’s because I have been busy working on VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services. Your probably wondering what this means for my helpful guides on vRealize Automation. Well, no change really, I am still heavily involved with vRealize Automation and DevOps in general. So stay tuned for those.

So why the move to VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services then? Well, because this is the service I always dreamed about when I was a customer.

Remember this slide?

I always dreamed about live vMotioning workloads out to the cloud to free up capacity internally, or move workloads back in when resources were free again. When I started working at VMware and got more and more into vRealize Automation I also dreamed about being able to provision workloads out to a vSphere based cloud. Now I know what your thinking, this is just vCloud Air all over again. I can understand how you may be skeptical, I was too when I first heard about this. I will assure you it is very much not vCloud AIr. You see vCloud Air used vCloud Director as the management engine. With VMware cloud on AWS there is no vCloud Director at all. VMware Cloud on AWS is the full vSphere stack in Amazon’s Data centers. This means you will have direct access to vCenter in the cloud SDDC and all of your existing tools, VMware Products and processes will seamlessly work with this new service.

This new service also open up a whole new world of possibilities with the close proximity to native AWS services. Now VMware customers can take advantage of services like S3 storage service, Relational Database Service RDS and Glacier Archiving service just to name a few.

In my new role I will be responsible for testing the vRealize Products with this new service as well as documenting use cases where you may want to use Amazon Services with your VMware SDDC in AWS. Look for a ton of new content here on VMtoCloud.com as we get close to officially launching the service!

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