vRA7 Software Agent Gotcha for CentOS7 or RHEL7

I recently discovered an issue while using the Software Components feature of vRA7 on a CENTOS7 template. All was working fine before I performed a YUM update. You can see from the screenshot below that the VM provisions but the Software Component does not deploy. After the YUM Update on my template, it appears there was a change in the way CentOS7 calls systemd. To be honest I don’t know all the details as VMware engineering actually figured this out so they get all the credit. See the workaround below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.43.14 PM

To fix this issue follow these steps:

Reconfigure the template VM:

1. Turn on the VM
2. edit /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent-bootstrap/vmware_vra_software_agent and remove these lines:

# Source init.d function library
if [ -f /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions ]; then
. /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions
elif [ -f /etc/init.d/functions ]; then
. /etc/init.d/functions

3. rm /etc/init.d/vmware_vra_software_agent
4. cp /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent-bootstrap/vmware_vra_software_agent /etc/init.d/vmware_vra_software_agent
5. Shutdown the VM and perform whatever steps make the VM ready for vRA (snapshot, make template, etc).

Both the edit and the copy are vital.

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11 Replies to “vRA7 Software Agent Gotcha for CentOS7 or RHEL7”

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  2. Hello,

    I did all the steps but it is in “in progress” state. what would be the problem? Do i have to import the IaaS certificate manually to the template VM or not?


  3. I don’t have /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent-bootstrap/vmware_vra_software_agent on my CentOS machine.
    From where do i get that ?

    Thanks in advance

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