VMware Cloud Services vs VMware Cloud on AWS

Last week at VMworld in Vegas, VMware announced two new service offerings. In this post I will point out the key differences between each service as well as some of the features that both share. Hopefully this will help you clearly understand what these services offer as well as help you to decide which one or both are right for you.

VMware Cloud on AWS:

This is a net new offering that delivers vSphere as a service on bare metal servers in Amazons Data Center. With a single click you can provision vCenter, ESXi Hosts, vSAN and NSX clusters in under 2 hours. Unlike previous offering such as vCloud Air, you have direct access to vCenter. So all your management products, processes, change management systems, PowerCLI scripts work just like they do with your vCenter in your data center. VMware Cloud on AWS is sold and supported completely by VMware.

VMware Cloud Services:

This is a set of new tools to manage your on-prem vSphere SDDC as well as across the different public clouds currently only Amazon Web Services and Azure. These services are SAS based and delivered from the cloud so there is little to now software to install. Be up and running in minutes.

Common User Experience:

While both offerings have their own unique benefits they do share the same portal and authentication via your MyVMware account and have a similar user experience.

This keeps it simple so there is one place to go for both services and any additional services VMware delivers in the future.

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