vCAC 6 is here!!

Merry Christmas! Santa Arrived early this year with the greatest gift of all!


vCAC 6.0 is a game-changing release that enables IT to deliver infrastructure, applications, desktops and virtually any kind of IT service in a simple yet highly configurable and rich self-service experience. It is also a significant step in converging the original vCAC and Application Director products.

This new release contains a wealth of new capabilities to help IT departments become brokers of services and accelerate their customers’ journey to IT as a Service. Some of the major new vCAC 6.0 features include:

– A single catalog for publishing and requesting infrastructure, application, desktop and custom IT services

– A more powerful and flexible approval policy engine that governs all types of services

– Enhancements to Application Deployment and Updates (formerly “Application Director”), including:

– Application rollbacks of unsuccessful updates

– Connecting to existing services such as a load balancers

– Scale-in of clustered applications

– Integration with Puppet

– The new Advanced Service Designer, which lets service architects creates new services (storage as a service, backup as a service, etc.) from vCO workflows in a matter of minutes

– Integration with IT Business Management Standard Edition, for visibility into the cost and usage of on-premise virtual infrastructure and public cloud infrastructure, including benchmarking capabilities

– Many improvements to Infrastructure as a Service, including:

– Support for VMware vCloud Hybrid Services (vCHS)

– Support for OpenStack

– Dynamic creation of networks and load balancers via integrations with vCNS and NSX

– vSphere machine access via the VMware Remote Console (VMRC)

– Support for vSAN as a datastore

– Better interoperability with SRM

– New multi-tenany capabilities, including the ability to connect to LDAP-based directory services

– New, more secure, and simpler verb-oriented REST APIs (BETA feature)

– For more details and a full list of new features, please check the Release Notes:


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