The return of the remote console

Well not exactly. In vCAC 6, VMware added the ability for cloud consumers to connect to their provisioned VM’s using the VMware remote console. I titled this post as the return of the console because in retrospect of cloud products that are sunset it is almost like it was added back. Although, to be fair, vCAC which was formerly dynamic ops never had this feature. That brings me to the reason I am so excited about this functionality and deemed it worthy of a post. This is exactly what I wanted in a product five years ago when I was a customer. I remember sitting in the vCloud director 1.5 on-site beta at VMware. At the time, I was already engaged with Dynamic Ops as we were embarking on a cloud project at my former employer. I remember speaking out in the beta that if VMware would just buy Dynamic Ops and combine it with vCloud Director they would have the perfect product. This was because vCD had VM remote console back in version 1.5. However vCloud director lacked the self service and governance and approvals that Dyanamic ops offered. I really wanted the best of both worlds. Note this is not to say this was my idea or that anyone listened to or even heard me. I am just excited to see this as part of an awesome product that I wanted when I was a customer.



BooYaa!!! Let’s start developing!!


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