APPD 6 with Windows Template gotcha


The Problem: When deploying an Application director 6 blueprint to a Windows based VM, the deployment is stuck in deploy phase and in vCAC the status is stuck in customize OS. In the APPD logs you get the error that is not found. This is a result of the APPD and vCAC agent files being in a blocked state. This is because they are downloaded from the Linux based appliances.


Resolution: You will need to perform this step on the template in vSphere that is referenced by vCAC.

Option A: When you download the zip files for the vCAC agent and APPD agents be sure to right click and go to properties of the zip files and select unblock.

Option B:

  1. Download the Sysinternals Streams.exe from
  2. In a command windows, use ‘cd’ to navigate to your folder.
  3. Type the command ‘streams –s –d subfoldername’ and press enter.

Save your new template and try deployment from APPD again.

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