How to use vSphere Integrated Containers with Admiral and Harbor

By now you have been playing with Admiral Container Service and/or Harbor Registry and maybe even vSphere Integrated Containers and you want to use them all together now! Well you have landed at the right place because in this guide I will show you how to quickly get everything working together to deliver a pretty powerful enterprise container solution.


  • Harbor Registry installed and configured See my guide here
  • Admiral Service installed and running See my guide here
  • At least one vSphere Integrated Container host version 0.5.5 or higher I am running v0.6.0 see guide here

Open Admiral and click on Add A Host

Enter the IP and port for your virtual container host

Note: I installed vIC with TLS enabled so it uses port 2376

Click login credentials then click +New Credentials

Enter a name for the new credentials then click Certificate

Your certificate and Private key are on the machine you used to install vIC from, let’s get your certificate first

cat the containerhost-cert.pem first to get the certificate then copy that to the clipboard

Now paste the clipboard into Admiral as shown

Now cat the containerhost-key.pem and copy the contents to the clipboard

Now paste into admiral as shown

Now click Ok to save the credentials

Now click the resource pool and select default-resource-pool

Now click verify

Notice you get a prompt that the certificate is invalid, just click yes

You should see Verified successfully, then click Add

Notice your new vSphere Integrated Containers Host

Now let’s add the Harbor Registry

  1. Click Templates
  2. Click Manage Registry

Click add to add a new registry

Enter your Harbor URL as shown then click verify

Note: My Harbor installation is using insecure mode and is over port 80

Now click the check mark to add it

Now search for an image on your harbor registry

  1. Click Templates
  2. Enter search for an image that is on your Harbor registry

Set the container environment variables

  1. Click the drop down
  2. Click Enter additional info

Map port 80 on the host port to the Container port then click provision

Watch the progress of the container being deployed to vIC

Once Finished view your new running container running on vSphere Integrated Container engine

  1. Click Containers
  2. Click into the container

View the stats of your container and the click ports link to view the running instance

Enjoy your new Container services!

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