How to start vCO configuration service on vCAC 6 Appliance

You may have noticed that the vCenter Orchestrator configuration page as part of the vCAC 6 appliance is not started by default. This is by design to save resources on the vCAC appliance VM. Here are the steps to start it if you need to use it to configure the vCO embedded appliance.

First, login to the vCAC appliance using the console or Putty as root and type the following command and press enter (This will start the vCO configuration page as it is not running by default)


service vco-configurator start

Next, go to the FQDN of your vCAC appliance in a web browser and click on the vCenter Orchestrator Configurator link


Login as vmware and password is vmware (You will be asked to set a new password.


Now you see the vCO configuration page


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