Containers 101 – Pre-Work

Before you start the lessons you will need to have a Photon VM up and accessible on your laptop running in either Fusion on the Mac or VMware Workstation on Windows. You could also run Photon on vSphere as long as you have DHCP or can provide a static IP to the Photon VM. These steps will ensure your Photon OS is configured properly and ready to start learning how to deploy, build and operate containers.

Open the OVA you just downloaded in Fusion or Workstation and edit the network settings to Share with Mac or NAT on Windows

Power it on and login and change the password to your choosing

Username = root

Password = changeme

Now get the IP address of the new VM with the following command


Open a terminal session and ssh to the IP address as shown, type yes and enter your password to login. On Windows use Putty

ssh root@

or Download Putty from here

You are now all set to start the first lesson

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