What guide do you want to see next? Viewers Choice!

Do you have an integration or feature of a VMware Cloud Management product that you are struggling to figure out? Do you want to me to tackle it and feature it here on VMtocloud.com? Now is your chance. Post your idea in the comments section or tweet it to @vmtocloud. I will post guides to as many of your ideas as time and resources allow.


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  1. Looking for more in-depth details around deploying VMs via SCCM through vRA. The official documentation doesn’t cover all the details. I haven’t yet found blogs or posts explaining the lower level technical details on what actually happens during each phase between SCCM and vRA. The documentation is also lacking explanation on the security and permissions required for vRA to effectively communicate with SCCM registration and other requests.

  2. How about a request that builds multiple VMs (not a multi-machine blueprint) and allowing the creation of DRS Rules? These rules could exist or need created in multiple clusters, splitting VMs in half for example. This would not be a field presented to the end user, but an event that is triggered based upon a predetermined property value. I am thinking this wouldn’t be difficult with the new workflow subscriptions and Event Broker process in vRA 7 but don’t have a playground just yet. Thanks.

  3. I think a post on the new Event subscription and how you get the blueprint properties, like vm name out of it into your old vCO workflows.

  4. How to kick off vRA reclamation process based on VM that has been powered down for 60+ days.

    vROPS can trigger reclamation based on “idle” VM data but I’m looking for the ability to trigger this process with different triggers.

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