Photon Controller 1.0 First Look

The 1.0 release of Photon Controller is now available on GitHub. Along with some bug fixes In this major release we see a sexy new UI. Photon Platform development is moving fast and this milestone just goes to show the commitment VMware has to deliver this new Conatiner technology to the world.

Photon Controller is the foundation for Photon Platform. It provides a multi-tenant infrastructure for running your favorite cloud native frameworks.

If your not already familiar with Photon Controller packaging it is deployed as part of a downloadable OVA.

Once the OVA is deployed you run through the wizard based install, no changes in the install UI from previous beta, hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Once deployed you can go to the URL of the Photon Controller Manager and we see a sleek and responsive new UI.

Notice the navigation is now on top.

A look at the tenants view and we can see that the UI is cleaner, more intuative and easier overall to navigate.

Also in the tenant view it is much easier to launch a new VM.

A look at the Image view.

The Flavors view.


Overall I really admire the design and goals of this project, elegantly simple with a laser focus on solving a particular use case. The development and product teams remind me of the early days of vSphere. Looking forward to getting more time with this version and publishing more articles as I get more familiar with some of the use cases.

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