Enhanced provisoning support for vCloud Director with vCAC 5.2!

VMware recently released vCloud Automation Center 5.2. In this release they have added the ability to automate provisioning to vCloud director. This new feature allows you to add policy, approval workflows and cost information to your vCloud Director users.

The vCAC server is installed in your data center. vCAC can provision servers to your internal private cloud running vSphere or any hypervisor as well as physical hardware. vCAC can also provision to vCloud Director instances.

Lets step through how it looks for an end user:

After logging into the self service portal as an authenticated user you are presented with your service options. Notice you have the option for a SUSE server hosted on the vCloud Hybrid Service as well as local vSphere resources.


We simply request a new Suse-vAPP¬† by clicking “SUSE-vAPP”¬†

request_1Enter a description and Reason for the new VM request and click next


add machines or customize CPU memory and storage and click next


review costs and click finish

Once provisioned and powered on we can connect to the servers console


the console opens in the browser and the user can begin to install code and configure their server.


Check out Tom Fojta’s Blog to see how to configure this new feature Click Here

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