White Screen on New AppD Request?

So you have vCAC and Application Director installed. You are at the point that you want to request a new app from the Catalog and instead of the request box you are presented with a blank White screen. Well, let’s get that fixed so you can enjoy the power of application provisioning. For this procedure to work and remain during reboot, it is required that your application director appliance is set to use a static IP address.


Open a Remote Console or Putty session to the APPD appliance. Login as darwin_user and the password you set. Usually vmware. Then type su – to sudo up to root and type the root password you set.


We are going to edit a file to set the correct IP address for the vCAC portal to connect to APPD. Type vi /etc/init.d/vmware-darwin-tcserver and press enter


Scroll down to the CATALINA_OPTS= portion of the file and find the -Dserver.externalws.url=https:// you should see an address that does not match the servers static IP address.


Press i on your keyboard to change vi editor to insert mode and edit this IP address to match the Application Director appliance static IP address.


Now press the ESC key and then hold down shift and type zz to save the file. Then type cat /etc/init.d/vmware-darwin-tcserver and review the file to verify it was updated.


Now type service vmware-darwin-tcserver restart and press enter


Now we need to let vCAC know about the changes. Type java -jar /home/darwin/tools/darwin-cli.jar and press enter


Now type login –serverUrl https://FQDN-of-appdAppliance:8443/darwin –username admin –password yourpassword and press enter


Type register-vcac-server –componentRegistryUrl https://vcac-01a.corp.local –ssoAdministratorUsername administrator@vsphere.local –ssoAdministratorPassword VMware1! –tenant rainpole –update and press enter (You will need to enter user, password and tenant information for your vCAC install)


Logout and login to vCAC and fire off that request again. You should now see the request form.


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One Reply to “White Screen on New AppD Request?”

  1. Hi there,
    I am new to vCAC and vCAD so please bear with me. I have set up vCAC and defined a couple of blueprints using linked clones. All is working great but it is quite limiting as we need more of a PaaS solution. So, I installed a vCAD appliance and configured it to point to the vCAC etc. All looks ok but when I request a vCAD delivered catalog item I get the symptom described above. I have checked the vCAD and it looks ok but I still get the error.

    Here is that portion of my file:
    CATALINA_OPTS=”-Dserver.ws.url= -Dserver.external.ws.url= -Ddarwin.security.configdir=/home/darwin/keystore -Dexternal.keystore=/home/darwin/keystore/appd.jks -Dexternal.cert.alias=ssl -Dagent.jar.path=/home/darwin/tcserver/darwin/webapps/darwin/agent/nobel-agent.jar -Dagent.download.url= -Dserver.amqp.port=5671 -Dagent.amqp.port=5671 -Dserver.amqp.host=localhost -Dagent.amqp.host=″

    one point worth mentioning is that all the certificates for the rest of the estate (vCAC, Iaas etc) have had their certificates replaced with internally minted ones. Would I need to add something to the keystore on the vCAD to trust these??

    Thanks in advance for your help – this is driving me MAD !!!!!


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