VMware in the Clouds – Cheat Sheet

It has been a huge year for VMware! So many clouds so many announcements. Here is a quick reference guide to what VMware is offering in public clouds.

Any Cloud:

Software as a service management tools delivered from the Cloud to be able to manage across both vSphere and your public Clouds.

Wavefront: Monitor your Cloud Applications in real time, try it for free here


Horizon as a Service to be able to deliver VDI Desktops hosted on Azure Cloud. See more here!

Amazon Web Services:

Bare metal vSphere SDDC with vCenter, NSX and vSAN in Amazons Data Center. Watch the demo here.

Apply NSX policy to Amazon EC2 instances. Request access here!

Google Compute Engine:

Kubernetes as a Service on vSphere with the ability to burst out to Google Compute Engine. Read more here!

Hope this helps. I will continue to update as there are more announcements.

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4 Replies to “VMware in the Clouds – Cheat Sheet”

  1. Any particular reason you don’t list this one ..?

    Full VCF and other VMware offerings (globally available, fully automated, with Zerto, VEEAM etc) – would send u a screenshot form the portal – it’s been around for a while – just seems less know but is (currently at least) honestly the most comprehensive one IMHO …

    PS and yes, I am “affiliated” (but realistic) 😉

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