Verify your Harbor Registry is backed by S3 Storage

In the previous guide we installed and configured Harbor to use S3 backed storage.  In this guide I will walk you through testing that your Harbor registry installation is being backed by S3 storage.


  • Harbor Registry already installed and backed by S3 storage see my guide here
  • Photon OS with at least 1 vCPU 2GB RAM and at least 5GB storage – vSphere OVA Here
  • Internet Access from Photon OS to the internet
  • A quite place where you will not get interrupted see my guide here

First, login to Harbor portal as admin with the following



Click on Users tab then click + Users

Enter credentials for the new user and click ok

Now click on Projects then library

Now click Members then + Member

add the user we just created as Project Admin and press ok

Now login to a machine running Docker, I am using Photon OS

Since we installed Harbor with an Insecure Registry we need to let Docker know, edit the following file

Enter the following then hold shift and press ZZ to save

DOCKER_OPTS="--insecure-registry harbor.corp.local"

Now restart docker with the following command

Now login to the registry

Now pull an image down

Now tag the image

docker tag vmwarecna/nginx harbor.corp.local/library/myimage

Now push the image to Harbor

Verify that it made it to Harbor

Now verify it is stored on your S3 bucket

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