vCAC Extensibility Quick Reference Guide

Updated 12/12/14

For even more integrations check out vCOTeams list here


Cisco =  UCS vCO plug-in beta 


Network Appliance = vCO Configuration How To and On Command Workflow Automation Package and Powershell toolkit

EMC Viper = vCO Plugin and Workflows

IT Service Management

Servicenow = vCO Plugin and REST web service

BMC Remedy = vCO Plugin and API and integration overview

BMC Atrium = vCO Plugin

HP Service Manager = HPServiceMangerWebService


Active Directory = vCO Plugin and Powershell CMDlets

Windows DNS = DNSCMD Reference

Infoblox = vCO Plugin and WebAPI Extensive How to Guide –>

F5 Networks = The Dynamic Types vRO Plugin (Use this one) and Offical vRO F5 Plugin and iControl CMDlets for PowerShell

Citrix NetScaler = API Reference

Juniper = API Guide

Lucent QIP = APIToolkit-UG

Configuration Management

Chef = vCO Workflows and  API reference Extensive how to guide Here

Puppet Labs= API reference

vCenter Configuration Manager = vCO workflows 

Cloud Management Systems

vCAC 5.2 = vCO Plugin and Extensibility Packages and How to Guide



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