My top 10 VMworld SF 2019 Session picks

That’s right, once again VMworld is back in San Francisco and there is so much to announce this year. While it is going to be nice to be in SF there is a lot more to get excited about. As an employee I can’t register for sessions so that you all have first dibs. I can still attend if there is room. In no particular order here are my top 10 sessions that I want to attend. Also their twitter usernames are listed here, follow them and live tweet them questions and comments during their sessions!

A Practitioners Guide to Migrating Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS [HBI2359BU] Adam Osterholt and Paul Gifford rock the mic right, for this fun and informative session. @osterholta @cloudcanuck

VMware Cloud on AWS: Developing Hybrid Applications with AWS Services [HBI1871BU] Brian Graff and Andy Reedy show you all the tip and tricks to integrate VMware Cloud on AWS with native services. @vBrianGraf @reedyornot

VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started [SPL-2087-01-HBD_U] – Kerry and Jorge will walk you through deploying an SDDC in VMC!

All will be revealed as Adam drops the 411.  @osterholta

VMware Cloud on AWS Customer Panel [HBI2379PU] Adam Osterholt interviews current customer about their experience with the VMware Cloud on AWS service. Come get real world perspective from your peers. @osterholta

VMware Cloud on AWS: Advanced Automation Techniques [HBI1463BU] – See William Lam and Kyle Ruddy live on stage. @lamw @kmruddy
Deep Dive on VMware Cloud on AWS APIs for Automation [CODE2215U] – Make your life easier and script that Cloud with Chris Lennon and Caio Oliveira. @oliveirac_caio
VMware Cloud on AWS: Networking and Security Design [HBI1223BU] – Ed and Humair will bring you up to speed on the most asked about feature of VMware Cloud on AWS. @shmookles @Humair_Ahmed
Hybrid Cloud State of the Union [HBI1395BU] – A must see session from the experts, Narayan and Kit, that built VMware Cloud on AWS and beyond. @kitcolbert @narayan___b

Ok one more…

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC (Project Dimension) with expert Adam Bohle [MTE6023U] – All will be revealed about this exciting new solution. @adambohle

Hope to see you all there!

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