How to run a VMware Cloud on AWS Assessment

Wondering how much VMware Cloud on AWS you need? Want to scan your existing environment and run a report to see how many hosts you need? Well you have come to the right place. In this article I will show you how to download and install vRealize Business for Cloud to run the VMware Cloud on AWS assessment to determine how much VMware Cloud on AWS you need as well as the right pricing options.

Watch an overview of the cost assessment tool here:

Ready to see for yourself? Download the vRealize Business for Cloud Appliance version 7.3.1 or higher

Please Note: You may not be entitled to download this. If not, please reach out to your VMware Account team for assistance!

Login to vCenter Client and Deploy the OVF you just downloaded

Browse to the OVF you downloaded earlier

Give the VM a name and choose location

Select the cluster or host you want to deploy it to

Review details and click next

Accept the license agreement and click next

Choose the disk format and data store

Note, you can use Thin provisioned for this assessment but if you plan to also use the full feature of vRealize Business for cloud you should use Thick Provisioned

Choose the Network for this new VM

Make sure you check to enable SSH, we will need this access for further configurations

Enter a password for the root account of this appliance

Be sure to remember or write this down or you will need to redeploy the appliance.

Enter the network information for this appliance

If you are certain you have DHCP you can leave this section blank

Review the information and click finish

Once provisioning is complete right click the new VM and power it on

Get the IP address of the new VM

Open an SSH session to the IP address of the vRBC VM

I use Putty for Windows, you can download it here!

Login as root and the password you set earlier and change to /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin

See why you need to remember it!!!

cd /usr/ITFM-Cloud/va-tools/bin

Now run ./


Type 1 and press enter

  1. enter vRBC-vmc as the username
  2. enter a password

Type ./ again and press enter then type 5 and press enter

Open a web browser to https://ipofvRBC/itfm-cloud

  1. Enter the user name we just created
  2. Enter the password we created
  3. Click Login

Enter a license key serial number

Note: If you are not licensed for vRealize Business reach out to your VMware Account team.

Go to the administration tab then vCenter and click add

Enter a name for vCenter then the server FQDN or IP address and a use and password with enough rights to read the inventory and click save

Accept the certificate if prompted by clicking install

The initial inventory may take a few to several minutes, on the Business Management tab click the status to verify it has completed

You should see gree check boxes that vCenter data collection is successful

If not, click Update now to run data collection manually

On the left click What-If Analysis and VMC Assessment

  1. Choose the Data Center
  2. Choose the Cluster
  3. Choose the the virtual machines or choose all
  4. Click Run Scenario

View your report or export it to CSV file!


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