How to find Distinguished names

To setup vCAC 6 tenant identity stores you need to know the distinguished names of objects in your active directory. You can easily look these up and copy and paste them into the vCAC setup screen by using ADSI Edit. ADSI edit is part of the Windows Server Support tools or it is installed on Windows Server Domain controllers. You can download the support tools here Windows 2003 Support Tools. From ADSI edit you can browse your Active Directory Domain and dig down to the user or group you want, right click on it then select properties and scroll down to Distinguished name and double click, then right click and copy and paste that into the correct field in vCAC.


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  2. You can also use DSQUERY. For example:

    DSQUERY user -name “firstname lastname”

    … results in …

    “CN=firstname lastname,OU=staff,DC=corp,DC=local”

    The same can be done for groups and computers.

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