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  1. Ryan,

    Nice work. I’d love to see more of this kind of stuff. A little detail on what setting this up was like and what you like about Chef/Puppet/Salt would be appreciated too.

    Rock on!

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanx for the kind words. I updated the post with a link to the how to guide here: https://www.vmtocloud.com/self-service-application-portal-with-vcac-6-and-chef/ I don’t really have an opinion on technologies like Puppet/Chef/Salt etc. My background is more traditional IT where I supported systems that we treated more like a new Puppy. So we used config management tools like Tivoli, Red Hat Satellite and SCCM. The Chef/Puppet route is much more geared towards servers that are like Cattle where the configuration of the system is more important than the actual VM. So if there is a problem that takes more then 20 min. to fix they just deploy a new server or just re-push the configuration and your back up and running. The great thing about vCAC and vSphere is that we can support both the traditional applications and these new cloud type apps. In my experience most IT shops have both in their environments.

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