CNA7524 – Photon Platform, vSphere, or Both?

This year one of my VMworld sessions comes from my passion for technology. Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to play with the new toys first. As I started my career in IT this passion did not end. In early 2000 I heard about this software that let you run multiple Operating Sytems on one machine. I had to see it to believe it. Turns out it worked and it had a cool name VMware. Later I continued to follow what VMware was doing and as soon as they launched vSphere I was first in line for the beta. For me vSphere was the game changer that launch server virtualization from dev/test to production ready. Fast forward to early 2012 when I started at VMware I was curious what else VMware was working on, again I like to play with the new toys first. I happened upon what was called esxcloud and I was immediately blown away. This is now called Photon Platform. This brings the question??

PhotonPlatfromandorvICMany organizations are on a journey to adopt containers in some form or another. There are many options available on the market today and even VMware has multiple options for running containers. While containers are similar to virtual machines they come with their own obstacles and challenges to support them in production


In this session I will present the technical features of each solution and give some background on the goals of each of both stacks. I will also compare and contrast the features of both Photon Platform and vSphere Integrated containers and list the use cases that each one addresses. There will also be time to ask any questions that are on the top of your mind. Click here to sign up for this session or any other of my sessions.


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