How to Install and Configure Puppet Plugin 2.0 for vRealize Automation

In this guide I will show you how to install and configure the new Puppet Plugin version 2.0 for vRealize Automation! Update: I have discovered that you will need to remove the 1.0 Puppet Plugin prior to following this guide. See why here.

vRO Puppet Plugin Revealed

VMware recently released the first plugin designed to automated Puppet Labs. The Plugin is avalaible as a downloadbale add on to vRealize Orchestrator. (Formerly vCenter Orchestrator). Let’s have a look at the capabilities of this new plugin provides. Download Here! First off the Puppet plug-in has the following minimum requirements: Continue reading

Puppet Enterprise with vCAC – Part 1 Automatically install the PE agent

This guide will show you how to integrate Puppet Enterprise with vCAC. This will allow you to have day 2 configuration management of servers provisioned by vCAC as well as be able to offer a self service application portal. In part 1 we will walk through how to configure vCAC Continue reading

Puppet Enterprise with vCAC – Part 2 Sign Node, Add Group, Puppet Run

In Part 1 we configured vCAC to deploy a Linux VM and install and configure the Puppet Agent to register with the Puppet Master. In this lesson we will take it a step further by contacting the Puppet Master and signing the Node request, adding the node to the group Continue reading