How to integrate vRealize Automation with the Puppet Plugin 2.0

The Puppet Plugin 2.0 for vRealize Automation is here so let’s put it to good use by integrating it with vRealize Automation Blueprints! Pre-Reqs:   Puppet Plugin Installed and Configured. See my guide here A Puppet master server running Puppet Enterprise 2016.4 or newer, or open source Puppet 4.6.2 or Continue reading

Puppet Plugin 2.0 for vRO agent install workflow gotcha

If you are trying to use the new Puppet Plugin 2.0 for vRealize Automation workflows and you get an error when deploying a blueprint it is most likely The agent packages needed to support your platform, for example: el-7-x86_64 are not present on your Puppet Master. The error in the Continue reading

Puppet vRO Plugin 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade gotcha

I have been working with the new Puppet Plugin in my lab and I found the new workflows failing as they were referencing modules in the old 1.0 plugin. The workflows throw an error like Cannot find function escapeShellArgument in object Module:com.puppet.o11n.plugin.puppet

Dynamically updated request forms example with vRA, vRO and Chef

I often hear customers request a way to dynamically update a vRA request form when a change is made in a 3rd party system. For example, when the Chef admin adds or removes roles from the Chef server, they would like a way to automatically update a drop down list Continue reading

vRO Puppet Plugin Agent Install Gotcha

While playing around with the Puppet Plugin I was getting an error while running the install agent workflow. This was due to the fact I was trying to install an agent on an OS that is different than the Puppet master. You need to add additional classes to your puppet Continue reading

vRO Puppet Plugin Revealed

VMware recently released the first plugin designed to automated Puppet Labs. The Plugin is avalaible as a downloadbale add on to vRealize Orchestrator. (Formerly vCenter Orchestrator). Let’s have a look at the capabilities of this new plugin provides. Download Here! First off the Puppet plug-in has the following minimum requirements: Continue reading

How to tag EC2 instances provisioned from vCAC (vRA)

A common request we get from customers is the ability to add tags to instances that are provisioned to Ec2 from vCAC. Customers tag the instances for various reasons for example reporting, billing, building app relationships. This guide will walk you through the installation and configuration to extend vCAC now Continue reading

Service Now CMDB Integration in 30 Minutes

In this article, I’ll show you how you can quickly perform an integration between VCAC and Service Now for the purposes of creating and updating CIs in the CMDB for VM machine instances. I’m using the VCO/VCAC plugin for this integration, instead of the previously used VCAC Designer (no longer Continue reading

How to reindex the Embeded vCO Database in vCAC Appliance

The vCAC 6 appliance has an embeded vCenter Orchestrator or vCO instance and database. Behind the scenes it is running a vPostgres database to store information about workflows, plug-in configuration and client sessions and logging. Over time the database tables can become fragmented and impact performance and of vCO. Always Continue reading