Application Director 6 Agent Directory

If you are trying to follow the instructions to create a vCloud Application Director 6 template you will need to know the correct agent or JRE to download and install. Here is a listing of that directory for your convenience: vmware-appdirector-agent-service-ec2_6.0.0.0-0_i386.rpm vmware-appdirector-agent-service-ec2_6.0.0.0-0_x86_64.rpm vmware-appdirector-agent-service-vcac_6.0.0.0-0_amd64.deb vmware-appdirector-agent-service-vcac_6.0.0.0-0_i386.deb vmware-appdirector-agent-service-vcac_6.0.0.0-0_i386.rpm vmware-appdirector-agent-service-vcac_6.0.0.0-0_x86_64.rpm Continue reading

Where is Fast Provisioning in vCAC?

You may remember a very popular feature that was part of vCloud Director. It was called fast provisioning and when it was enabled it allowed your cloud consumers to provision vAPP VM’s within seconds as opposed to over 24 minutes using traditional cloning in vSphere. While technically not the same Continue reading