How to import vRA7 Blueprints as code

vRealize Automation has a ton of great new features that make it easier than ever to build and manage your hybrid cloud. In this guide I will walk you trough using the latest Cloud Client Command Line utility to import blueprints as code.

How to call vCAC (vRA) from command line to request VM’s and run scripts in the guest

So you want to make your developers happy but you are a vSphere admin and you already have enough on your plate? I am going to make it super easy for you to give your developers what they want (a command line to script their infrastructure request) and what you Continue reading

Service Now CMDB Integration in 30 Minutes

In this article, I’ll show you how you can quickly perform an integration between VCAC and Service Now for the purposes of creating and updating CIs in the CMDB for VM machine instances. I’m using the VCO/VCAC plugin for this integration, instead of the previously used VCAC Designer (no longer Continue reading

The path to Automation is Virtual

I come across a recurring theme that many customers are confused on the path to Automation and self service. I can also agree that the technology industry as a whole is making this even more confusing as no one wants to lose market share. For example if “Vendor A” solution Continue reading

Docker as a Service in vCAC Part 1

Once again I am here to prove that vCAC can integrate with anything. The new kid in town this week ; – ) is Docker Containers. In this example I am using CentOS Linux 6.5 with the vCAC guest agents installed to host Docker. This same example will work with Continue reading

How to specify Network Path and Static IP Profile in Blueprint

In a vCAC 6 reservation you may have the need to specify multiple network paths for provisioning your vCAC blueprints. When a blueprint provisions to a reservation with multiple network paths selected the default behavior is to round robin between the two during a vCAC provisioning request. In some cases Continue reading

Puppet Enterprise with vCAC – Part 2 Sign Node, Add Group, Puppet Run

In Part 1 we configured vCAC to deploy a Linux VM and install and configure the Puppet Agent to register with the Puppet Master. In this lesson we will take it a step further by contacting the Puppet Master and signing the Node request, adding the node to the group Continue reading

Part 2 – vCloud Automation Center – Service Now Integration via vCO SOAP Plug-in – Version 1.1 – Mark Andreopoulos SET West

Part 2 – vCloud Automation Center – Service Now Integration via vCO SOAP Plug-in – Version 1.1 – Mark Andreopoulos SET West Please note that the methods used in this article are the “old” approach, and it is best to utilize the modern capabilities of vCO using my updated blog post Continue reading